Alberto Marchetti

Alberto Marchetti

If you want to make a real (icy) sensory experience, then this is the only worthy suggestion: Alberto Marchetti. If you live (or are) in Turin, Milan or Alassio, don’t miss this cold explosion of flavors. If you want a gelato, a milkshake, a granita or the great hot zabaglione, I warn you: it can be addictive.

The flavors of the (fruit, cream or special ones) gelato are rich and balanced: in one word, they are perfect. Tiramisu flavor (with Sardinian ladyfingers – only who tried them can understand) it’s the only tiramisu that really tastes of mascarpone cheese, Sardinian ladyfingers and cocoa (and not just of coffee); Marsala wine zabaglione has that pinch of alcohol that will give it a unique taste. And, just to mention a special flavor, white chocolate with caramel and salt flakes: the perfect harmony of contrasting flavors.

My personal advice? Close this page and go eat it. If you haven’t been at Alberto Marchetti’s yet, then put it on top of your list. But pay attention to size: the ice cream lovers will enjoy the amount of gelato, the distracted people could have some problem to finish it before it melts. Anyway, believe me and you won’t regret it.

Where: Turin– Piazza CLN, 248; Turin – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 24 bis (in map); Turin – Via Po 35bis; Milan; Alassio